Prothodontist and Solution to GI Problems


If you are experiencing a bad dose of bad breath from time to time, well, you’ll be glad to know that there are safe and very effective remedies to alleviate your oral misery. You should know that tooth decay or gum diseases are not the only factors that can contribute to pathologic bad breath or halitosis. Dry mouth for instance caused by excessive intake of alcoholic beverages can definitely turn your oral mucosa stale over time. Have you ever noticed that heavy drinkers of beer and scotch tend to have chronologically bad breath that’s why they keep sugar-free gums and breath mints and sprays handy?

Simple Remedies for Getting Rid of Bad Breath Caused By GI Problems

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But if they cut down their alcohol consumption or totally stop drinking, they’ve got more chances for getting a fresher breath and a healthier mouth. Those who smoke cigarettes and other tobacco products that contain a hefty dose of nicotine are also very prone to get bad breath. Our mouth is populated by a flora, bacteria and other microorganisms that help to break down the food, plus enzymes and other catalysts to convert the indigestible food particles into mush. But the root causes of bad breath doesn’t end there so let’s take a look at this article and find out the other most common cause and how to cure it.

GI Problems That Cause Bad Breath – Can a prosthodontist help you?

prosthodontist in parramattaBasically, if you have problems with digestion or anything else that has something to do with the alimentary canal, you are very prone to having bad breath. Remember, the oral cavity is connected to the digestive tract all the way to the anus where human excreta are released from the body during bowel movement. Let’s say you’re suffering from constipation which is hard, formed stools that are difficult to pass out. This condition is caused by a diet that lacks in roughage or fiber. People who are dehydrated may even pass hard stools. You see, the longer your stools sit in your large intestines, the drier it become; therefore it’s more difficult to pass out. Water is reabsorbed back into your system which is kind of grouse, plus, the longer your stool sits in your GI tract, the smellier it becomes. If you are suffering from gastric ulcers, then you are also quite prone to developing bad breath. It’s best to consult your dentist on how you can get rid of bad breath if you have GI problems.

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If you happen to have other dental problems aside from bad breath alone, like for example, a crooked teeth or missing tooth. Dental implants treatment is given to you for that area of dental issues. Prothodontists are dental professional responsible to help people restoring and replacing missing teeth due to some causes. Missing teeth or crooked teeth are never any good. Prosthodontist in Parramatta has a vast knowledge in this field of dentistry and performs quality dental treatment to anyone at a low cost. Give us a call for assistance and more information.

Proven Natural Remedies for Fresher Breath

So all bad things aside, we have here some tested and proven remedies on how to control bad breath with simple, au natural ways. There’s Fenugreek tea which can be purchased in health food stores, let the teabag steep for 15 minutes or so in a liter of hot water and drink two cups of the tea every day. avocado helps to soothe indigestion but try to limit your intake into a few grams every day. Avocado is rich in low-density cholesterol and you wouldn’t want that to clog your arteries. Guava leaves are a natural antiseptic and people in the ancient times would use it as a gum for fresher breath. Brewing the leaves has the same effect as chamomile tea that soothes the stomach as well.

Other related dental issues that needs attention by Prosthodontists are commonly the missing teeth, crooked teeth, stained teeth, broken teeth, dental caries and more. There are various of methods to assist these issues mainly dental implants, crowns, dentures, veneers, bridges, teeth whitening and others. Finding a dental professional is way to go if you have any of these issues. Book a FREE consultation at family dental Parramatta to find which dental procedure is right for you –

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